Elastic bandage as a functional therapeutic resource in speech therapy: an integrative literature review

Bandagem elástica como um recurso terapêutico funcional em terapia de falar: uma revisão integrativa da literatura


  • Rômulo Evandro Brito de Leão
  • Francisca Canindé Rosário da Silva Araújo
  • Douglas Rego Chaves




elastic bandage, vendaje, therapeutic taping


Among the various means and techniques used in the rehabilitation process, the use of elastic bandage has gained prominence in the market and also reached the practice of the professional speech therapist, who has used these techniques to intervene more assertively in several areas of the same Speech Therapy. From this, the need arises to understand the methodological pathways that they see being developed with the use of the elastic bandage and to understand how Speech Therapy has accompanied this evolution. The objective of this study was to carry out a literature review at national and international level on the publications regarding the use of elastic bandage. To do so, a research was carried out on the Scielo platform using the terms "elastic bandage", "bandage" and "therapeutic taping" as the descriptors for the last 21 years. As a result, a total of 78 articles containing the bandage described in its summary were found on said platform. After the application of the relevance test I followed in the study the total of 38 articles, being excluded in the test of relevance II those that were not in full or were not exactly about the elastic bandage, but of other types of bandage. Therefore, the equivalent of 17 articles in the sample was added, with only 1 being produced by a team of speech therapists. It was concluded that there is a great need in scientific publications in all areas of knowledge about the use of elastic bandage, especially in Speech Therapy.