Is there a relationship between Dante Alighieri and narcolepsy?

Existe uma relação entre Dante Alighieri e a narcolepsia?


  • Roberto Pereira Santos
  • Nathalia Carmo Borges
  • Larissa Leal Souza
  • Marleide da Mota Gomes


Dante Alighieri, Sleep Paralysis, Cataplexy/, Dante Alighieri, Paralisia Do Sono, Cataplexia.


Dante Alighieri is the greatest Italian poet whose Divine Comedy is one of the classics of the world literature. A comprehensive, critical and objective analysis of the current knowledge about narcolepsy and Dante Alighieri by means of a narrative literature review. Dante manifests himself in the protagonist, reports being sleepy and falls asleep. Dante's writings and its manifestations of dreams and excessive sleep were associated with classical literary construction.

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