Prototyping a controlled robotic arm with digital image processing to detect smartphone screen edges

Prototipação de um braço robótico controlado com processamento de imagem digital para detectar bordas de tela de smartphone


  • Walter Seiffert



combination, control, computer, -//- combinação, controle, computador


This paper presents the prototyping of a robotic arm, which makes use of a camera to aid in its computer vision to determine the movements that it can perform, and use the data obtained to send them to the control and decision layer. The computer vision applied to the prototype is based on detecting the edges of the smartphone screen and the colors of the icons presented in pre-established positions by the Android system. The combination of digital image processing algorithms made the robotic arm more efficient in relation to the positioning of the gripper and the touch pen, causing a decrease in the computational cost of processing and eventual energy consumption.