Targeting MEK: attempting to overcome Cancer resistance to RAS-MAPK therapies

MEK: tentativa de superar a resistência ao Cancro nas terapias RAS-MAPK


  • Saúl Landeira Cancela



Cancer, CRC, drug resistance, MEK, NSCLC, RAS-MAPK pathway


MAP kinases pathway is a well-known signal transduction pathway activated by several mitogens, resulting in cell proliferation, growth and migration. Nevertheless, mutations in its kinases upregulate this pathway, leading to development of cancer. Among other strategies, MEK (a kinase belonging to MAP kinases pathway) has been identified as a therapeutic target in some types of cancer, including colorectal and lung cancers.  Mostly, MEK inhibitors are able to overcome the resistance that tumor cells have acquired to other drugs, but novel strategies look for combining MEK inhibitors with other blockers, obtaining promising results.  In this review, we will discuss the current methods of combating cancer resistance, focusing in the central role of MEK.